Microblading Treatment in Hamilton & Oakville Document

Perfect your brows with microblading

Firstly unlock the secret to effortlessly perfect brows with our Microblading expertise. Our skilled technicians use precision and artistry to create natural-looking, defined eyebrows tailored to your unique features. Bid farewell to the daily hassle of brow maintenance and wake up to flawlessly shaped brows every day. Experience the confidence that comes with beautifully sculpted eyebrows. Schedule your Microblading appointment today and step into a world of lasting beauty!

Microblading a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a specialized, hand controlled tool. This tool makes fine cuts in the skin to implant pigment that resembles the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. It is ideal for filling in sparse areas of the natural eyebrow where hair isn’t present. Defining and enhancing brow shape.

Typically takes two appointments to complete. In the first appointment, the client is profiled. The eyebrows are drawn on with a waterproof pencil, so the artist and client can agree on the look. The artist then micro-blades the eyebrows and the client is ready to go back into the world. There is some mild scabbing and aftercare required, but your microblading should be completely healed in 30 days.

The second appointment is a touch up at least 30 days after the first session. This allows enough time for the ink in the epidermis to naturally slough off. The colour to settle into your skin. Lastly In the touch up appointment, the artist can see how your skin has received the ink and make any necessary corrections.