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Skin renewal and improved clarity

Pigment & Vascular Issues

If you are looking to address facial pigmentation, skin texture and/or photodamage, Lumecca Skin Rejuvenation is the optimal solution. IPL treatments improve skin complexion, reduce skin damage therefore helping patients look years younger. Firstly IPL “photofacial” helps address age spots (red/brown pigmentation), sun damage, vascular lesions (spider veins, port wine stains, leg telangiectasias), rosacea (redness) and freckles. This often includes the face, neck, legs, hands and arms.

InMode Solutions

Lumecca Skin Rejuvenation is a breakthrough intense pulsed light (IPL) that delivers up to 3X more energy in the 500-600 nm range to improve efficacy for vascular and pigmented lesions. Optimized for our clinicians to treat a variety of skin types and conditions with just a single session.

Lumecca Skin Rejuvenation can help alleviate a wide variety of facial and leg vein issues with a diode laser that is targeted to treat the blood vessel causing the blemish. It’s hand piece that is built to maximize the operator’s ability to see and treat the vein or vein network.

Laser treatment for pigmented lesions brochure
Laser treatment for pigmented lesions brochure

Lumecca Skin Rejuvenation is the most powerful intense pulse light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. Therefore after just one treatment patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin. Lastly 1-3 sessions Lumecca Improves the appearance of: Age spots, vascular lesions such as facial veins, rosacea, and sun damage. 

Key Benefits of Lumecca Skin Rejuvenation

1. Sun Damage and Hyperpigmentation:

Lumecca skin rejuvenation effectively addresses sun damage, freckles, age spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. The broad-spectrum light targets melanin, therefore breaking down pigmented areas and revealing a more even skin tone.

2. Vascular Lesions:

For those dealing with vascular lesions, such as spider veins or broken capillaries, Lumecca offers a solution. The light absorbed by blood vessels, causes them to coagulate. Eventually absorbed by the body.

3. Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Lumecca stimulates collagen production, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This results in smoother and firmer skin over time.

4. Improved Skin Texture:

Say goodbye to rough or uneven skin texture. Lumecca promotes a more refined and youthful complexion by targeting various skin imperfections.

Lumecca brochure with before & after images
Fotona TwinLight brochure
Fotona TwinLight brochure