Hyperhidrosis-Laser Treatment for Excessive Sweating Document

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating beyond what is necessary for thermoregulation, can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. From social discomfort to hindering daily activities, those affected seek effective and innovative solutions to manage this condition. Enter Fotona, a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing hyperhidrosis treatment. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Fotona is changing the landscape of hyperhidrosis management.

Tired of trying to hide your sweat stains? We can help with that, we offer Laser treatment for sweating.

Many of our clients are now familiar with BOTOX® treatments for excessive sweating, but they may not realize that laser therapy can also treat underarm sweating with very effective results. The Fotona laser treatment by applying heat destroys the overactive sweat glands without damaging any of the surrounding skin and tissue. In various studies, a single hyperhidrosis laser treatment was consistently found to dramatically reduce underarm sweating. This is significant news for anyone who constantly battles wet underarms and staining of clothes. The treatment is non-invasive and extremely effective.

Hyperhdrosis procedure being done on woman

Understanding Hyperhidrosis

Before delving into Fotona’s role, it’s essential to understand hyperhidrosis itself. This condition, affecting various parts of the body such as the palms, soles, face, and underarms, can lead to embarrassment, anxiety, and even social withdrawal. Traditional treatment options range from antiperspirants to medications and, in severe cases, surgery. However, these methods may not provide a long-lasting or satisfactory solution for everyone.

Fotona’s laser technology has gained prominence in the medical field for its versatility and efficacy. In the context of excessive sweating, Fotona offers a non-invasive and promising solution. The Fotona laser targets sweat glands in the treated area, without affecting the surrounding tissues. This precise targeting reduces the potential for side effects, making it a safe and efficient option for hyperhidrosis sufferers.

How Fotona Works

Fotona uses a dual-wavelength laser system that penetrates the skin to reach the sweat glands. The laser energy is absorbed by the sweat glands, leading to their controlled and gradual reduction in activity. This results in a significant decrease in sweating without damaging the overlying skin or nearby structures. The procedure is quick, with minimal discomfort, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a non-surgical alternative.

We also offer permanent improvement for excessive sweating using Fractora. Fractora is a radiofrequency device that delivers energy through specially designed tips that produce thermal (heat) damage under the skin. 

*Hyperhidrosis with Fractora can permanently destroy the majority of the sweat glands in the armpit area. It only takes a single treatment reducing unwanted excess sweat and odor.