Pigmented Lesions Removal - New Age Laser Document

Pigmented lesions are remarkably common and the overwhelming majority are benign. It is widely recognized in the medical community that Fotona effectively removes pigmented lesions. Multi-wavelength, uniquely able to produce very short pulses of intense light. That are selectively absorbed by treatment-specific pigments in a lesion.

Four Wavelengths for the Widest Range of Lesions

Fotona’s StarWalker laser system are the perfect tool for treating a wide range of pigmented lesions. Therefore enabling treatments for everything from moles and vascular lesions to ephelides, sunspots and melasma. Superficial lesions treated effectively with a shorter wavelength. While the 1064 nm wavelength can be used to target deeper lesions.

Safe, Effective and Minimally Invasive Treatments

For a difficult-to-treat condition such as melasma, StarWalker and QX MAX are especially effective. This treatment enables the breaking apart of pigments only and not cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin. This is a unique feature that also allows other treatment possibilities, such as the safe and effective removal of complex, multi-colored tattoos.

In addition Er:YAG lasers also used for the ablation of keratoses, moles, and other pigmented lesions. therefore this enables the removal of the epidermis and superficial dermis in a controlled manner. Clinical studies have shown that Er:YAG lasers are effective for the treatment of keratoses because the clinical and histological improvement is up to 93% after just one treatment.

Lastly embarking on the journey to pigmented lesion removal is a transformative step towards rediscovering your skin’s natural radiance. By understanding the causes of pigmentation, exploring advanced removal techniques, and embracing a personalized treatment plan, you can achieve clear, even-toned skin and boost your confidence. Consult with a skincare professional to embark on this journey and unveil the radiant complexion that lies beneath pigmented lesions. Your path to radiant skin awaits – embrace it with confidence and determination!