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The New Age Slimming Detox Body Wrap Is An Exciting New Treatment By New Age Medical Clinic!

Slim And Trim Body Wraps

Firm, Tone and Tighten Skin! Lose inches* in as little as 45 minutes. This unique anti-aging and wellness treatment literally draws the fat out of the fat cells between the skin and the muscles. It firms, tones and tightens the skin where applied giving visible results. Slimming body wraps are becoming very popular. They are not weight loss body wraps (fat does not weigh much) but they produce an inch loss that compliments any weight loss program. Cellulite reduction results last one to six months depending on your lifestyle.

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Cellulite Reduction

Let’s face it, most people have cellulite and are looking for a cost-effective solution. This body wrap is a body detox and recommended cellulite treatment! It’s a safe, natural and affordable detoxifying body wrap and, in my opinion, the best body wrap ever. This new body wrap is like a body wrap shape wear. It’s a special cloth that is already infused with the product like a body towel wrap that makes it fast, easy and mess free.

Some people refer to it as a body towel wrap or mesotherapy weight loss because it reduces fat, especially with continued use. It takes less than three minutes to apply. You do not need to wash off the remaining product once you remove the body wrap. With these cellulite body wraps we focus on skin tightening to get your sexy back. You can focus on cellulite reduction on any area you choose.

Looking for lean hips or a flat stomach? Even thin people don’t always have a flat stomach and most women who have had a child need some firming around the middle or other parts of the body. Now you can firm and tighten your waist, stomach, back, chin, face, legs, arms, butt or any other area you have a problem with. Want to tone your thighs and lose fat? These detox body wraps work like cellulite mesotherapy.

A Unique Detoxification System That Melts Inches Away In Just One Treatment

Watch those Inches Melt Away…Call us to find out much more on this amazing system and ask about our 6 inch loss on this product!