Skin Remodelling - Laser therapy treatments - FRAC3 Document

The Fotona Dynamis SP Series is an industry leader for the development and manufacturing of laser aesthetic machines.

One of their new innovative laser treatments includes the Nd:YAG laser in FRAC3® mode. FRAC3® a revolutionary skin remodelling. Elevate the delivery of fractional laser to the skin for advanced cosmetic aesthetic treatments.

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Non-Ablative Skin Remodelling Treatment

The main difference between a conventional fractional laser treatment and FRAC3® beam is the FRAC3® laser’s ability to fractionate. When it comes into contact with the skin upon delivery to the skin imperfections. This new 3D effect of fractional laser stimulation gets absorbed into the subcutaneous tissue while targeting pigments underneath the skin. This treatment involves the induction of photo thermal therapy, where the whole beam is emitted into the skin. It then transforms into fractionated laser when it comes into contact with the skin’s surface and the deep layers of the skin.

FRAC3® is a non-ablative treatment that can produce dramatic results in the skin providing patients with many skin remodelling benefits. Such as: – improvement in tone and texture – reduction of spots and scars – reduction of vascular imperfections in skin – skin tightening.

Customized Skin Remodelling Treatments

FRAC3® is an effective treatment that auto-fractionates beneath the epidermis to imperfections presented in the skin . The use of this new technology allows for customized treatments in the skin to target and treat larger areas while minimizing the photothermal delivery to the adjacent tissues from the treatment. FRAC3® non ablative skin remodelling can treat larger areas with a quicker recovery time than any other fractional laser treatments available on the market today.

Fractional Laser Therapy

When seeking laser therapy treatments, it is very important for patients to inform us about past laser treatment sessions. Because over delivery of laser light may cause the skin to burn more easily. Clear communication during consultations is the best way to achieve your skin rejuvenation goals. If you are interested in the latest fractional laser therapy to rejuvenate the skin on your face and body, contact our office to schedule your free consultation with one of our skin specialist. You can discuss whether FRAC3® skin remodelling treatments are a good option for your skin concerns.