Pain Management - New Age Laser Document


Everyone suffered from body pain time to time. Pain lasting for longer periods of time is Chronic Pain. It may affect both men and women. This type of pain is exhausting physically also emotionally. ComfortLase™ by Fotona, an advanced technology that treats chronic pain. Therefore no medications is necessary for this treatment.

How Fotona Pain Management Works?

Firstly low-level, visible-red to near-infrared light energy application on muscle tissues and skin. Allowing the lymphatic fluid to flow easier. Laser light-emittes diodes to alleviate pain and promote healing. in addition It’s a non-invasive procedure that stimulates cellular activity and increase blood flow to the targeted area. This therapy is typically for various musculoskeletal conditions, such as:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain: Laser therapy to relieve pain associated with conditions like arthritis, muscle strains, and joint injuries.
  • Wound Healing: Some studies suggest that can promote the healing of wounds and accelerate tissue repair, making it useful for treating skin ulcers, burns, and surgical incisions.
  • Inflammation Reduction: Laser therapy is shown to help reduce inflammation. By promoting the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Neuropathic Pain: Low-level, visible-red to near-infrared light energy application for managing neuropathic pain conditions like neuropathy and fibromyalgia.
  • Sports Injuries: Athletes may use laser therapy to speed up recovery from sports-related injuries.
Woman sitting and holding back in pain

How many treatments are needed?

A course of 6-8 treatment, 2 treatments per week for optimal results. Fotona is fast, safe & effective. Plus, no medication is necessary.

ComfortLase™ utilizes low-level, visible-red to near-infrared light energy, which stimulates cells to naturally heal, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Additionally, the process results in accelerated tissue regeneration, stimulation of cell metabolism, increased lymphatic flow and stimulation of micro-circulation. Above all stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation of the affected area which can decrease the severity of pain and tension experienced by the patient. Our certified laser technicians conduct Pain management treatments, twice per week for four weeks. Finally the Fotona SP Dynamis laser controls temperature and depth for maximum efficacy. The treatments are very comfortable and many patients enjoy the procedure. Follow up treatments could be required.