Redefine Your Beauty with Eyelash Extensions

Redefine Your Beauty with Eyelash Extensions

Redefine Your Beauty with Eyelash Extensions

Many women don’t like to wake up early and spend time getting ready before starting their day. It takes a lot of time to put layers of makeup, mascara, and other daily makeup essentials. A woman wearing makeup, good dresses, and nice footwear is all about upgrading themselves according to the latest fashion trends. But luckily, there are some treatments that can save time and give you a perfect look every time. Eyelash extension is one of those treatments that render an absolutely stunning look and also saves time on the morning routine.Yes, you can go with eyelash extension service for getting plentiful lash that naturally frames the eyelids. It will make you free from wasting time in curling of lashes and applying eye makeup and mascara. In this blog, you will get to know about the few tips that will help you get the best eyelash extension service. You should be mindful of the following things while you are getting the eyelash extensions done.

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Do the Research:

When you decide to get the eyelash treatment the most important thing you need to do is research. Good research can lead you to a good saloon and eventually good results. There are many salons that offer this service but they are not even properly qualified. If any of the people you know have gotten this treatment done, then you can ask them as well.  And, if you don’t know anyone who has had eyelash extension service then search online. You can also read reviews and find out everything related to a lash studio.

Lash Shape:

A lot of people don’t know that you can choose the shape of the lash according to their own choice. The most common one is a ‘J-shaped’ curl, which is more natural and the C-shaped one is more dramatic. The material of the lashes also alters the end results. You can choose from faux min, real mink, and real human hair.

Pre-appointment Preparations:

After getting the lash treatment, you are not supposed to wash the face and expose the eyes to water for at least 24 hours.  If your lashes get in contact with water they will not dry up properly.  Also, avoid curling the natural lashes before going to an appointment. The crease can create problems for the lash artist to apply false lashes. Try to avoid using waterproof mascara a week before the appointment. It will leave a film on the natural lashes that also prevent fake lashes from adhering properly.

The Upkeep:

If you want long term result for anything, you have to show some love to that thing. The same stands true for eyelashes as well. For this, you need to brush them daily with the help of a spool and avoid rubbing the eyes. Also, when you take the makeup off be gentle and try to use makeup wipes or cotton buds with a milk-based cleanser. Try to avoid oil-based cleansers, as the oil can loosen the glue and cause the fall of lashes prematurely. So if are able to handle all these things only then fix an appointment.

Arrive with a Clean Face:

At the day of appointment avoid wearing makeup as it can interfere with the adhesive bond of eyelashes. Therefore, clean the face the night before you have an appointment for lash extension. This ensures that your face is completely clean, which make the lash extension will not get any problem to the natural eyelashes.

Lash extension is a great way to get beautiful lashes without taking time to apply layers of mascara. Also, give break to the eyelashes from makeup as daily makeup can damage the lashes. Wearing permanent false lashes will give you a naturally enhanced look without makeup. You can also go with skin rejuvenation laser treatment for overall glowing skin. So, book an appointment today!