SkinRestore Program 2.0 (Combination to Oily)

SkinRestore Program 2.0 (Combination to Oily)


Contains 6 of your favourite SkinTX full sized  products, all packaged in an elegant cosmetic bag:

  1. Medicated Wash
  2. Sērum C12
  3. Corrector 2
  4. Exfoliant Forte
  5. 1.0% Retinol SR Complex
  6. UV PRO™ Broad Spectrum SPF 45


The SkinRestore Program 2.0 for combination to oily skin is a SkinTX speciality. Boasting powerful pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, this program fights the signs of aging and pigmentation irregularities in combination to oily skin. Improves:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • irregular skin texture and tone
  • skin laxity
  • acne


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