Get Rid of Fats without Surgery

Fat Removal Treatment in Hamilton
Get the best Fat Removal Treatment in Hamilton in New Age Medical Clinic

Get the best Fat Removal Treatment in Hamilton in New Age Medical Clinic

Fat removal treatments have come a long way with the arrival of non-surgical methods to correct the shape and size of your selected body parts. They have come as a better alternative to fat removal compared to liposuction method. If you are a resident of the Hamilton area and looking forward to reducing fats, you should opt for a fat removal treatment which is done in a non-invasive manner in our clinic cum spa. We provide fat removal treatment in Hamilton and its surrounding areas to help individuals to manage their fat in a painless and safe manner.

Get rid of fats without surgery

We utilize heat and hoting option or sometimes even injections to cut down the excess fat in your body. However, the effects of these treatments may not be the same as you receive by doing liposuction. Yet people prefer them because they are not willing to go under the knife to correct their bodies and fear for possible side effects often associated with that.

How it works

This method chooses to break down targeted body cells to decrease the size of the subcutaneous fat pockets or cellulites that are present in certain parts of your body often found under the thin layer of skin or above the muscle. We provide you a gradual way of losing fat without inflicting pain on your body.  Our hot-sculpting method is minimally invasive and approved by the FDA which gives lasting effect to your body. It is a fat freezing procedure which is done with the help of controlled hot temperature to reduce the fat which refuses to go away even after following a strict diet and exercise.

For people who have more or less ideal body weight and do not want a reshaping of their bodies, these non-invasive treatments are a great way to deal with fats without scars.

You should be aware of the results of non-invasive fat removal treatments. This helps you to have realistic expectations.

How non-surgical fat removal services from us benefit you

  • Little time is required to get the treatment
  • You need not require undergoing general anesthesia, incisions or scars
  • The side effects are minimal
  • It progresses gradually and this helps a patient to do it in a discreet manner.
  • The results will last as long as the patient maintains a regular weight

The services we offer

We provide a whole range of medical services, spa services, and salon services for our customers. They include hot sculpting, hot sculpting, microblading, non surgical facelift, Botox fillers, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, hair cutting, and hair extensions.

We are the best dermal fillers in Hamilton

We also offer inject able fat removal method like dermal fillers in Hamilton. These non-surgical methods are performed by our licensed aesthetician under the supervision of medical professionals. We ensure a safe treatment as our qualified cosmetic surgeons have enough knowledge on your body’s anatomy and have proper experience and training in the field.

Choose our fat removal treatment in Hamilton, which is performed under expert medical guidance and in a very relaxed spa environment.

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