Brace yourself for this upcoming winter-Get skin rejuvenation treatment now

Skin Tightening

Brace Yourself for This Upcoming Winter-Get Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Now

Winter is coming. The season is considered as the best time to get facial treatments, especially skin rejuvenation or skin tightening treatments. This is because, during winter, the weather is freezing outside, and thus the treatments on the skin can be easily applied. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s welcome the season with glowing and flawless skin! 

Skin Problems and Winter 

People face a lot of problems during the winter. This is because the humidity in the air exceeds the level than any other season of the year. That is why winter and skin problems are relative to each other for a long period. Some of the common skin problems caused during winter are, 

  • Dry Skin: Winter seems to be really harsh, especially for those who are having normal or dry skin. As these skin types produce less sebum, so it feels parched during the season, leaving you with extremely dry skin. Because of this dryness, rashes occur, and you may feel itching on your skin. 
  • Dehydrated Skin: Because of humid and cold weather, the skin becomes dehydrated, and over time, it starts causing many other problems on the skin. Most of the people consider dryness and dehydration as synonyms to each other. But the fact is, both of these terms refer to totally different skin conditions. Dryness is the situation when the skin fails to produce enough oil to keep the skin lubricated. On the other hand, dehydration not always necessary to cause flaky or itchy skin but also oily skin as well. This is more dangerous than dryness as it may cause your skin cracking, and you may lose your natural beauty. 
  • Dandruff: The most common problem caused during winter is dandruff. Because of dryness in the scalp, the molecules get dried up, causing excessive dandruff. This dandruff problem can even cause hair fall and other skin problems as well. 

There are many other skin problems as well that people face during the winter season. But what is the way out is the matter of our discussion here. Get skin rejuvenation treatment before winter strikes on your skin. 

Skin Tightening

Why Winter is the Best Time for Skin Rejuvenation 

If you are observing wrinkles or acne problems on your skin, you must get the treatment now. With the arrival of winter, your skin may get more damaged with the adverse weather condition, and it may lose its natural beauty. 

Skin tightening in Hamilton is applied with a roller tip to infuse radiofrequency waves into the skin. It creates a customizable thermal and ablative effect on the skin. This radiofrequency can be better-given in winter as with the cold weather outside, and the skin can easily grasp the necessary elements for its betterment. The treatment causes self-healing of the skin using microscopic thermal injuries and thereby helps in producing new healthy fibers for the restoration of the skin tone. The treatment also helps in improving pore size, acne and other scarring happens during winter and thereby plays its role in reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. As it opposes any other laser treatment that can be applied on the skin for its betterment, people love to get this treatment without worrying about any side-effect. 

Being a professional skin treatment center in the city, New Age Laser provides all-new range of skin treatments for a permanent benefit of your skin. We use professional and advanced tools, equipment and techniques for any of our skin treatments. Grab the opportunity of welcoming this winter whole-heartedly and take the treatment without any delay.  

Hide all signs of aging and brace yourself for this winter-get skin rejuvenation treatment today!